Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tawdry Terrier Christmas Nails

Tonight we have another Christmas manicure to share.  This is 1 coat of Tawdry Terrier "Feliz Navidog" layered over 2 coats of Tawdry Terrier "Yappy Hollydays Y'all."  Feliz Navidog has a sheer shimmery base with a mix of red, green, and white glitter, including star glitter.  Yappy Hollydays Y'all is an emerald green glass fleck polish with red, gold, silver, and holographic shimmer.

This picture was taken in natural light.

This picture was taken in the shade.

Both Feliz Navidog and Yappy Hollydays Y'all are from the Happy Howlidays collection, which is at  Feliz Navidog is the exclusive bonus polish for the Happy Howlidays collection and will be included when customers purchase the entire Happy Howlidays collection.

Happy polishing!

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